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Dec 30, 2018


TravelCoin is a global currency based on blockchain technology. It is the answer to fundamental coordination problems amongst payment processes and financial relationships in the tourism business sector. By enabling decentralized currency and user-friendly wallet, TravelCoin provides a next-generation value transfer service across national borders operating among touristic companies, tour operators, hotels, global services such as, Hostelworld, HomeAway and between people.

TravelCoin blockchain system will consist of digital TC-wallet application and two cryptocurrencies – TravelCoin (TCT) based on Ethereum blockchain (Proof-of-Work algorithm) and TravelCoin Cryptocurrency (TCC) based on TravelCoin blockchain (Proof-of-Importance algorithm). Each blockchains has its own advantages and the end customer has opportunity to choose which cryptocurrency to use.

The core innovation behind the TravelCoin blockchain system is its decentralized structure. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, the TravelCoin has no central control, no central repository of information, no central management and no central point of failure. Through the TravelCoin blockchain system anyone will be able easily to conduct financial transactions in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way, network allows millions of people to transition from using fiat money to using decentralized currency which will make the world better.

Founded in 2018, TravelCoin Blockchain Tech. is a union of companies leading tourism services market and professionals with the right mix of skills from various fields of business, united by a common idea and purpose to bring a blockchain technology to the travel & tourism industry and to make the new technology available to all.

We are a team of developers, engineers, problem solvers, economist and early adopters working round the clock to build a sustainable crypto economy. We think, design, test and go to market.


Large commissions
Banks tend to charge a higher fee for each transaction, plus an extra administration charge. Commission for international payments is comes up to 50$ + % of transfer amount. It is a real problem for small payments and micropayments don’t work. In the TravelCoin blockchain system you choose the commission for the payment. You can control how large a fee to pay when spending. It is zero if it is not an urgent payment and small fee applicable if you have urgent payment.

Limited banking hours
It is impossible to make bank transfer on weekend and holidays. International payments and transfers to or from foreign currency accounts can only be fully authorized between the hours of 7.00am to 7.00pm on workdays. Outside of these hours, payments and transfers only can be loaded in preparation for authorization. This problem is of particular relevance in the tourism business sector as working days are different in many countries of the world. In the TravelCoin system payment can be made at any time, it is always running and never sleeps. It works on weekends and holidays 24/7.

Difficulties with correspondent banks regulation
All International payments are made via intermediate correspondent banks. Through correspondent banking relationships, local banks can access financial services in different jurisdictions worldwide and provide cross-border payment services to their customers. Correspondent banks may delay and request additional information about payments, cancel payments, may send payments for checking the legality, may arrest – all this requires additional time and creates additional difficulties. Payment via TravelCoin cannot be stopped, arrested and sent for review.

Too long payment process
International payment process usually takes 2-3 or more business days (it depends on a certain country), this process is too long and creates problems when it is impossible to make an urgent payment. When using the TravelCoin, international payments are made almost instantly.

Currency conversion
International payments between countries are only possible through the use of one of the reserve currencies: United States dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Swiss Franc, Yuan Renminbi, Yen. This means, if you want to send money from Brazil to Australia, bank will convert Brazilian Real to one of the reserve currencies (for example to USD), make money transfer in USD to Australia and then convert to Australian Dollar. Currency conversion fees depends on currency exchange cross-rate and it can reach up to 3.5% of sending amount. (If you make money transfer of amount 100 000$, you lose up to 3500$). There is no currency conversion or other charges of any country in the TravelCoin blockchain system, you can send TravelCoin directly to anyone to any country.

The payment process could be easier
In the TravelCoin blockchain system, there are no invoices, no bank account and no fees, no need for special payment equipment. There is only a simple and comfortable in using digital TC-wallet.


The digital TC-wallet will be a application which will integrate with the Ethereum main net and the TravelCoin blockchain network. The digital TC-wallet will have exchange functions and messenger.
Decentralized exchange will allow directly in the digital TC-wallet to carry out operations on the exchange of fiat money (Dollar, Euro) and other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) for the TravelCoin.
Messenger is module that will enable to communicate between customers, it will be possible to discuss the details of payment before payment.


Additional benefits of using TravelCoin:
- Payments with zero commission
- Much faster money transfer than traditional
banking system
- TravelCoin system is free
- Works everywhere and anytime
- Decentralized system, no central authority
- The simplest of all payment systems
- Additional profit via mining process
- No correspondent banks regulation
- No currency conversion
- Less document flow
- No problem of payments that are later reversed
- TravelCoin is a financial instrument for trading
on exchanges
- Impossible to block or arrest your account

TOP 5 benefits for investors:
- All holders of TravelCoin (TCT), who invested in
TravelCoin in pre-sale and sale period, will receive
coins of TravelCoin Cryptocurrency (TCC) as a
bonus in the same amount when TravelCoin
Cryptocurrency will be issued.
- TravelCoin (TCT) will be added to the maximum
possible number of exchanges. It is issued by a
limited number, is deflationary, with an increase
in the number of users will grow in price.
- Be involved in blockchain technology, be a part
of the future.
- TravelCoin (TCT) will be profitable to pay for
various tourist services and hotels.
- Fast profit.


1) Buy TravelCoin Token (TCT) on decentralized trading exchange platform for Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens «EtherDelta» (
Direct link to the TravelCoin buying page:

2) To send Ether (ETH) to the Ethereum wallet address:
You will get TravelCoin Token (TCT) in accordance with the pre-sale rate 1TCT = 0,001 ETH

3) Buy TravelCoin (TCT) on decentralized trading exchange «Creedex» (
Direct link to the TravelCoin buying page:!/trade/0x44e1ff3054dda06bef9023ee41767013dbf9ee91-ETH

4) Buy TravelCoin (TCT) on our website via PayPal (debit/credit card):
Direct link to the TravelCoin buying page:


To store TravelCoin Token (TCT) you have to add TravelCoin Token (contract address: 0x44E1FF3054dDa06beF9023EE41767013dBF9eE91; symbol: TCT; decimals: 18) to the one of popular wallets that are compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):

Desktop wallets:
– Mist (
– Parity (

Online wallets:
– MyEtherWallet (
– MetaMask (

Mobile wallets:
– imToken (
– Trust (
– Cipher(

Hardware wallet:
– Ledger (


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Dec 30, 2018

TravelCoin team from 10 to 12 February took part in one of the largest tourist exhibitions in Italy «BIT 2019». During three working days, meetings were held with regional destination management companies, tour operators, travel agencies networks to explain the benefits of blockchain technologies and what range of problems could be solved by TravelCoin blockchain system with digital TC-wallet. During the negotiations, the opponents agreed on the need in payment structure where anyone will be able easily to conduct financial transactions in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way in Travel & tourism industry. The «BIT 2019» is an annual event and next year our team will take part in this exhibition to promote TravelCoin blockchain system.