Transferring cash from UK banks account to BTC wallet?


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May 30, 2017

Im fairly new to this , can anyone suggest a wallet that will allow me to transfer GBP from uk account to wallet so that i can purchase BTC ? I am currently using coinbase which only allows Euro's to be transferred

It's basic stuff i know but hey i gotta ask somewhere



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Aug 28, 2015
Your Bitcoin wallet is primarily to store your private keys (think of them as your Bitcoin account passwords)

Your public key is like your account number anyone who knows your public key can see your balance, send you Bitcoin but not spend it. Only the person with the private key can spend it.

you want to use a wallet that secures your private keys and you need to back it up in case of loss.

Coinbase and Mycelium Wallet let you buy bitcoin, they take a small cut for the service.

I've only ever bought bitcoin Over The Counter something like or on exchange, one exchange I use that I think supports UK bank accounts is

You then send it to your public key address.
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