- free trading terminal for Binance 2020

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Feb 23, 2020
Hello, my name is Alexander Orеl.
I am the founder of the Trading Panel.


In 2017, my team and I started creating a Private Trading Terminal for the Binance exchange.

In 2018, we launched a beta version that closed 1,000-3,000 profitable positions per day, depending on the trading intensity, using a comprehensive entry strategy, DCA and trailing profit. This is amazing!
During the tests, weaknesses were identified with the simultaneous operation of several bots, the volatility and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.

In 2019, we began to restructure the project, considering all the experience of 2017-2018 years to launch the Public version.

In February 2020, we plan to open the Panel for beta-testing.

  • A modern, well-developed, user-friendly interface, honed since 2017.
  • Auto Stop Virtual Stop Loss. At the intersection of which there is a closing on the market or a floating order. Rearrangement of stop-loss after averaging.
  • Floating order is our authoring. A limit order that always swaps to the extreme price.
  • Visual representation of positions and orders on the chart from TradingView.
  • Notifications of all operations with orders.
  • Ticker currency pairs.
  • Form of creation of order with plug-in automation modules.
  • Calculation of% position lag after averaging a position. The system takes into account all orders between the price of the created order and the price of the position.
  • Displaying orders in the order book
  • The ability to move orders on the chart
  • Thoughtful display of the position and list of orders in it. Calculation of the price of a position taking into account the exchange commission.
  • Updating balances without reloading the page.
  • Cancel averaging orders and close a position if there are no redeemed coins left in it
  • Auto-control of BNB balance to receive a discount when paying a commission
  • Dark theme
  • In general, a lot of little things have been done that makes it possible to simplify and automate routine work.

In the near future, it is planned to add margin trading and a mobile version.

To get early access - write to me in PM on the forum or in telegram chat.

Telegram chat: @tradingpanelru

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Feb 23, 2020
📣 📣📣 Added margin trading 📣📣📣

🔥Friends, we have added the ability to trade with the shoulder of the margin market!
💈 You can make a profit not only with long positions but also with short positions!
👉 The loan is returned automatically once an hour.

🦾 Good luck with trading!

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Feb 23, 2020
📣 Added FUTURE BINANCE trading 📣

💈 Friends, I am very pleased to announce the news about the addition of trading functionality on the Futures!!!

🔥 In the form of creating an order, the liquidation price is immediately calculated, and also displayed on the chart

🔥 The type of margin (Cross or Isolated), Elimination Price, Collateral, ROE and risk percentage (at 100%, liquidation takes place)


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Feb 23, 2020
📣 Code update

When creating an order to open a position, the display of TP and SL levels were added.
Levels of the Order, Take Profit and Stop Loss can be moved on the chart.

If TP and SL are not moved, then they will be set according to % set by default
The default TP and SL level has been reset, so you need to configure it again

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Feb 23, 2020
📣 Сode #update

Improved the service - now the price of the last candle is updated online, previously updated once every 2 seconds.

There are almost no lags in the price visually from the exchange.

Coolers on the computer do not make noise when using our Panel, unlike using the Binance)
In my opinion, Binance irrationally often updates data in the interface, which leads to constant data redrawing and processor loading.

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Feb 23, 2020
Сode #update
- The design of switching modules in the form of an order has been redesigned, now they are displayed on top.
When you click again on the open tab of the module, the tab with the form of the order is activated.

- The correct restoration of the services after Technical Binance Services
- Removed position details by clicking on the name of a currency pair at position

- Modernization of the core of the project.
Changes affected the work of all project functionalities. Please be extremely careful, maybe I missed something during testing and there may be errors. The speed of loading data has increased.
- Added the long-awaited Take Profit split function.
A detailed description of the module is here -

1. By default, in the general settings you can set the number of orders, % from TP price to the position price and % distribution of the position quantity between Take Profits.

2. When creating an order on the TP tab, you can set the absolute values of the price of orders from the keyboard, the number of orders TP and change the % distribution of the number of coins between Take Profits.