Top Cryptocurrencies in September 2017


Sep 27, 2017
Almost every currency lost in this month. It can be seen when we look at capitalization of the whole market. It fell down from $172,593 bln to $47,673 bln – 14%. And the market cap of altcoins fell down from $94,762 bln to $74,753 bln – 20%. Top 3 in September are Komodo – 48%, Zcash – 0% and NEO – 0%.

In the link You can find summary of gain and loss of every coin. There are also comments of some experts and summary and recall of the most important events in September.

But I am mainly intrested in Your types. Which coin do You think was the best in September and have a chance to improve in October? Not only from gain-loss point of view but also development, debut or technology features.