Top Cryptocurrencies in October 2017


Sep 27, 2017
Many things hapenned in cryptocurrency world during October. From Ethereum and Bitcoin Gold forks, through exchganges` problems to new Bitcoin ATH. Market capitalization has risen from $146,438 bln to $182,387 bln. It`s worth mentioning that at the same time capitalization of Bitcoin itself broke through $100 bln for the first time in the history. Top three currencies in October are unsually in fact top 6 cryptocurrencies: Stellar Lumen – 109%, Bitcoin – 48%, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin – 2%.

In the link You can find summary of gain and loss of every coin. There are also comments of some experts and summary and recall of the most important events in October.

I am also intrested in Your types. Which coin do You think was the best in October and have a chance to improve in November? Not only from gain-loss point of view but also development, debut or technology features?