Three Events / Contest from TIPESTRY.COM


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Oct 11, 2021
Three Events / Contest from TIPESTRY.COM

1. Create a Group

Promote your Tipestry Group to earn #dogecoin and #dogecoincash

First place: 200 $DOGE
Second place: 100 $DOGE
3rd-12 place: 500 $DOG

Post a link to your group on the contest page to qualify:

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2. Post of the Day
Post of the Day is back! For the rest of October, one post will be selected each day to receive a 100 #dogecoin reward. To qualify, create a post with original content that you created (for example, a review of another website) and include the hashtag #potd

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3. Dogecoin Cash holders
On October 15 noon PST a snapshot of all Dogecoin Cash holders on #BSC will be taken. Addresses holding 100 or more $DOG will automatically receive 100,000 Superdog $POM for every 1 DOG held. Dogecoin Cash must be held in your own BSC wallet (not exchanges or Typstry) to qualify

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