This can be worth it in the near future.


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Dec 28, 2019
The entertainment world Spuul intends to create wallets for its entire subscriber base of 80 million users. This will make Spokkz the single largest wallet community in the world when it goes live.

• The SPOKKZ blockchain, Spuul’s community can directly select and fund specific Movie projects through a new wallet feature that will be enabled for all users.

• The benefit of this method of funding is that Spuul may procure exclusive streaming content for the subscriber base without having to pay for this upfront from the company’s operating cash flows. This is an extremely capital efficient model, and it allows Spuul to grow and scale its business very quickly.

• As an illustration, when the community funds a specific project, Spuul also participates by giving SPOKKZ tokens to the content producer in exchange for a percentage of the Movie or TV Show. This stake in the Movie or TV Show allows Spuul to receive revenues in the form of royalties over the life time of the Movie or TV Show. Over time, this enables Spuul to build a catalogue of Content and Intellectual Property which could increase its asset base substantially.

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More info about the SPKZ token can be found on their site - worth a look!