the unique CPA network into the crypto-currency world

Anna Rosebrook

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Apr 7, 2016
I represent the only one CPA network into the crypto-currency world. Our partners get clients (y), not just clicks.

Achievements and results of our partners:
We have launched their campaign 3,5 months ago and to now they have received
556383 clicks, 18759 verified users and 7117 paid contracts.
after 3 months: 322656 clicks, 9852 verified users and 5976 bets.

Our partners have:
:) lots of free clicks
;) 500- 800– contracts a day
:bitcoin: up to $50000 a month
:rolleyes: growth of clients database
:whistle: “the world of mouth”
(y) brand awareness
:) an increase of your business and its capitalization

Feel free to contact me in Skype: anna_cpa ;)
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