The stupid 307 BTC hacker (Exmo exchange)


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May 18, 2021
The cunning 307 BTC hacker of exchange Exmo is far from being able to escape undetected with the captured Bitcoin. Although the hacker tried to obfuscate the origin of bitcoin through hundreds of transfers, it is easy to prove that he deposited 15.7 BTC after 207 transactions on the Binance exchange on February 26, 2021. How is this possible?

Manually created BTC obfuscation transaction chains have a significantly different pattern than chains created by natural transactions in the blockchain. And the fraudster made the additional mistake of using the bitcoin in the 207th step together with other unspent outputs from the heist in a common transaction. The 207 obfuscation transactions were thus completely useless for the scammer, only the miners enjoyed the transaction fees.

This is just one of many mistakes the fraudster made. The next logical step for Exmo is to use the analysis results to freeze the fraudster's crypto assets on the involved exchanges.