The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage - Buy Pixels + Bonus: BTC Prize Draw


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May 25, 2019
I want to introduce everyone to a new personal project of mine: The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage

It’s based on the original Million Dollar Homepage by Alex Tew - but with a twist.

The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage is a website with a 1,000,000 pixels of advertising space for sale, available by a 100 x 100 grid of 100 pixel blocks on the homepage of the website. Advertisers can buy real estate on the homepage of the site, with a graphic advert and a dofollow link back to their website.

The website accepts payment by Bitcoin only, and each pixel is for sale for 100 satoshis - minimum order is 100 pixels - 10000 satoshi’s / 0.01 BTC

You can buy pixels here:

The buyers advert will be live on the website indefinitely - or at least until I am 6 feet under (and I still have a few years left in me yet!).

Here’s the twist - When website owners purchase ad space on the homepage, for every 100 pixels they buy, they gain a lifetime entry to a Bitcoin prize raffle that is drawn every 100 blocks or 10,000 pixels of advertising space that we sell.

There will be a total of 100 prize draws over the websites lifetime and the prize is 0.10 BTC every draw until all of the advertising space on the website is sold.

The more pixels you buy, the more of a chance you have of winning 0.10 BTC when each draw is initiated. A winner is picked every 100 blocks (10000 pixels) that we sell and is chosen using a random number generator.

All winners will be posted on the “Previous Winners” page as and when the time comes:

Also, for every 100 pixels that advertisers purchase, we set aside 20% for marketing costs. This ensures the website gets the exposure that it will need, help raise the domain authority and traffic to the website whilst giving advertisers maximum coverage and link juice!!!

The complete breakdown of the BTC fund share over the time of the website will be as follows:

  • Prize Winners - 10% - 10 BTC
  • Website Owners: 70% - 70 BTC
  • Advertising/Marketing - 20% - 20 BTC

Please bear in mind that I built this website initially just to sell pixel adverts and was planning to keep 100% of the profits. However, I thought it would be a good idea to give something back to the community by adding a prize draw to the site and also spending 20% of the funds on marketing that would help advertisers and the project by increasing exposure and increasing the domain authority of the site.

All adverts will be placed within maximum 24-48 hours (sometimes quicker) of purchasing a spot and your advert will be live on the website indefinitely. It costs only 0.01 BTC to place an advert, anyone who does so will see this is a legitimate opportunity. Please read the terms and conditions on the buy page carefully.

Any useful comments you have on how the site can be improved I’m open to hearing them. Thanks and enjoy The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage - don’t forget to share!! : )