TerraNovaCoin (TER) Current Efforts Will Greatly Benefit TER Price In The Near Future


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Jan 6, 2019
TerraNovaCoin (TER) Current Efforts Will Greatly Benefit TER Price In The Near Future

TER may be currently engrossed in a tough battle to reclaim the glory of the $10 mark, but it’s what TerraNova(TER) is doing that really matters in the long run. Although the last two month hasn’t been a smooth ride for TER, what’s happening behind the scenes could soon be the catalysts that everyone has been waiting for.

TerraNovaCoin(TER) And PaymentTER: What’s The Relationship?

For one, although TER and PaymentTER are two different entities, whatever TER does almost always assuredly have something to do with promoting mass adoption of PaymentTER. Through TER’s blockchain-based financial solutions, various major Charity Funds have start already adopted the use of PaymentTER as the base currency for cross-border transactions.

There are a few factors that could potentially catapult PaymentTER into new heights. For starters, TER’s PaymentTER are doing great, and the launch of TBring is also expected to bring some positive results. TER has also been reaching out and partnering with Charity Funds and other interested Donate Charities all over the world.

The general consensus is that TerraNovaCoin(TER) will become a mainstay in the cryptocurrency market. Financial payment systems are woefully obsolete in this modern era of technology and trillions could be saved if it could updated. Both Charity Funds and users have incentives to use TER, which is a good reason for it to thrive.

Final Word on TerraNova(TER)

If you’re considering TER as an investment, go for it. It is only going to rise in value in the upcoming years. They are constantly upgrading the system and pulling in Charity Funds to use their platform. The clear purpose – to improve global transactions – with which they are working gives them a better sense of direction than other coins.

TER shot up Jan in 2018 and that trend will continue in 2019. If you want to get in on the game, now is the time to do so, for 2019 will see the value double or triple. It is both an excellent short term and long term investment.

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