TerraNova(TER) will launched PaymentTER 2019


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Jan 6, 2019
What’s The Point In PaymentTER ?
PaymentTER will be a social movement will establish by the TER DEV. In essence,PaymentTER wants to help the general public discover TerraNova(TER) as a viable payment in Charity activities and, more importantly, wants to inspire merchants/Investors in brick and mortar stores to start accept TerraNova(TER) as a currency Donate in Charity activities. It’s still in its infancy, yet even so PaymentTER will be a movement that sweep across the world, bring with it good news about TER and more options for Terranova(TER) adoption than ever. PaymentTER, Will be a Donate Charity and makes it especially popular for use on Twitter and indeed, that’s exactly why PaymentTER will come about, to spread a message about TER virally, to uses of Twitter and people that tend to engage with to help provision by charity to those who are in-need.. It seems that TER have recognis a huge target market within this sort of audience, it will work, PaymentTER will appears in new tweets daily and triggers many interesting discussion points across social media.

Why is PaymentTER succesful?
The main reason for the success of PaymentTER isn’t the movement itself, instead, the main reason many venues are exploring TerraNova(TER), is simply because it’s so easy for merchants/investors to accept TER, in fact, it’s just as easy to spend it too. The success of PaymentTER is down to the simple nature of TER itself, a cryptocurrency that was originally designed to Charity and simplify Donations.

So finally, what is the point in PaymentTER ?
The point, is to act as a vehicle for social change. To make cryptocurrency payments for Charity activities more accessible and to inspire more merchants/Investors to jump on the crypto train. As a part of this, another motive exists within the TER and that is to protect their asset and to protect their Charity activities, making it a more adoptable cryptocurrency for the future. This isn’t a bad thing, but it is worth thinking about." IF Next time you PaymentTER, remember that you’re encouraging other to do the same."