TerraNova(TER) Finding Balance


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Jan 6, 2019

TerraNova(TER) Finding Balance

Last weeks optimism has well and truly vanished. We start Jan on a very negative note. The markets are down, values are falling and overall, everything is a little bit disappointing. After almost two weeks of positive movements, we finally saw, for the first time in a number of months, various cryptocurrencies moving back up towards their April highs, back on the road to recovery. This week however started off with a downwards pulse, a pulse that has continued to drag prices down.

We can’t yet tell if todays standings are down to heavy correction or something more serious so for now, the future of the markets over the next few days is very uncertain. Don’t let this get you down just yet, Jan 2019 still promises to be a very positive month, it’s just going to take some time before the bulls are able to take back control

TerraNova(TER), at the time of writing is valued at $0.027, down 19.71%. TER isn’t crashing quite as hard as Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment. This is no doubt down to a few positive announcements made by TerraNova(TER) over the past day. These announcements aren’t going to make TER skyrocket, but at the very least, they are helping to encourage some positivity back into the price, reducing the damage that is currently being inflicted by the markets.