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Jul 26, 2018

Unified Investment Ecosystem for Connecting Talents.


Short Description

Global decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain, where talented cryptoinvestors earn together with talents.


In the light of the fact that FinTech has createdincredibly large-scale of capabilities, TALENTICO launches T2T (Talent to Talent) Global Platform. In our Multifunctional Ecosystem, talented cryptoinvestors are connected with talents. One of the most powerful indicators in TALENTICO project is our MVP. As a part of TALENTICO ecosystem any business can support the project and accept TALENT token as the means of payment. Among lots of our partners, who wish to support talents, here we have GEM FEST in vanguard of the crypto-revolution. GEM FEST – (One of the most popular electronic music festivals in the world) - with its quarter of million followers is ready to accept TAL (Talentico Token) as the only one type of payment. At GEM FEST, no more other cryptocurrency, cash or bank cards will be accepted. From January 2019, only TALs can guarantee the proper service for tens of thousands of GEM FEST visitors. GEM FEST is expected to have more then 120 000 visitors and 40M USD turnover in TALENT tokens during 4 events which are going to be arranged for several days each quarter of 2019. This and many incomparable features are just the beginnings of the project. Join the most immense ICO Network which has already gathered too many successful members in its team.


Despite technological advances, contemporary society is still unable to provide gifted people with a guaranteed opportunity to express their talent in front of the whole world. The internet era has simplified these tasks for talents in various spheres of art. However, many genius scientists, inventors, developers and other specialists remain in obscurity. They are unable to unlock their potential and make a difference for the humanity. TALENTICO will be searching talents in IT industry, blockchain, AI, movie industry, design, fashion, sports, science, finance, economic, manufacture, cybersport, and so on and so forth.

Now, when the Web 3.0 has impacted on the global economy, finance and even on our vision about the world, Talentico project offers an unprecedented chance for talents to make a name for themselves and gain recognition of their abilities, irrespective of age, location and field of work. The main driving force behind TALENTICO platform will not only be its talents in need of support, but primarily talented investors from the range of our token holders. It is their active participation, good strategic choices, and investor’s instinct that will define the success of a single candidate and the project at large.

By reaping profit from one’s investment, a talented investor not only multiplies self-fortune but also truly savors the creation, the significance of personal deeds, own mission in the society, and the realization of the ability to change the world for better. TALENTICO is a place where talented investors make profit hand in hand with talents.


Q4 – 2018

18 September - ICO launch

18 December – ICO finish (either till the last token on sale, if it happens before the set date)

Q1 – 2019

Entering Exchange

First GLORYSPACE opening

Token implementation into partner businesses

Q2 – 2019

Development and launch of online platform

Q3-Q4 – 2019

New blockchain creation


ICO date



Country: Georgia

Registration requirements: KYC & Whitelist

Restricted countries: USA

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, Fiat

Platform: Ethereum

Token type: ERC20

Soft Cap: 20M USD

Hard Cap: 70M USD

Token ticker: TAL

Price in ICO: 0.01 USD

Tokens for sale (MAX): 12B

Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH

Volume bonus during the whole campaign:

· From 10 to 50 thousand dollars 3%

· From 50 to 100 thousand dollars 5%

· From 100 thousand dollars 7%

Early bird bonus:

· 20% discount, if accumulated sum since ICO launch on 18 September doesn’t exceed 3M USD

· 15% discount, if accumulated sum since ICO launch on 18 September doesn’t exceed 10M USD

· 10% discount, if accumulated sum since ICO launch on 18 September doesn’t exceed 20M USD

· 5% discount, if accumulated sum since ICO launch on 18 September doesn’t exceed 20M USD












Dec 17, 2017
It is a really great thing to enhance the talent of the individuals in the form of cryptography. The way crypto projects are emerging is a great hope for us that the technology will blossom more and more in the near future. What are your expectations guys?