T-Rex 0.9.1 New algorithms (x16rt) (sha256q) New monitoring page. Acceleration (x16r) (x17) (bcd) (x


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Jan 8, 2019
T-Rex 0.9.1 New algorithms (x16rt) (sha256q) New monitoring page. Acceleration (x16r) (x17) (bcd) (x22i)

Key features:

  • Multiple algorithm support
  • High performance
  • Backup pool support
  • Support auto update feature
  • Monitoring page (Updated) The web address of the monitoring page for a particular miner will appear in the console when the miner starts. Here you can also create a config file from the batch file you ran.
  • (BETA) Watchdog Now available on Linux, has the following functionality:
monitors the work of the miner, reboots in the event of a crash / hang
keeps statistics between restarts
  • Miner contains a developer commission of 1%
Ways to start watchdog:
  1. at the beginning of the bat-file, replace t-rex.exe with watchdog.exe
  2. Create a watchdog.config file with your parameters and run watchdog.exe
List of changes:
  • Performance improvement ~ 1-2% on x16r / s, x17, bcd, x22i algorithms.
  • Added new algorithms x16rt (Veil), sha256q (Pyrite)
  • The monitoring page has been completely redesigned, a dark theme has been added, the interface has been improved, the ability to change the active config in real time has been added (they need to be placed in the miner directory)
List of fixes:
  • Fixed cURL / SSL compatibility issue on new Linix distributions (Ubuntu 18, Debian 9)
  • The problem is solved when the miner did not want to start with uninstalled NVML.