T-Rex 0.7.4 - Upgrade to (skunkhash) (x16r) (x16s) (x17)


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Nov 10, 2018
T-Rex 0.7.4 - Upgrade to (skunkhash) (x16r) (x16s) (x17)


List of changes:

Performance improvements on skunk and x16r / s, x17 for Pascal and Turing cards


Departures after 20 seconds. after the end of the mining dev fee when using the -r 0 flag
Temporarily disabled "clean jobs", which was the cause of a large number of rejects on some pools (beepool, bitpoolmining)
Fix the -N parameter, now the average speed over a period of time is displayed correctly

T-rex implements the possibility of web monitoring and control for your system, to do this, open the following link in your browser: - if the miner is running on your PC, or instead of local IP The address of the barn located in your local network. The port is configured via the config or command line (bat file).

T-rex Discord: https://discord.gg/gj7jcYf