Swazm joined DAIA - Decentralized AI Alliance


New Member
Jul 18, 2019
We at SWAZM have a vision for a decentralized internet. However, any technology is just as useful as it’s applications. Our focus is on how to offer real value to our users, to build products, not just a technology. And such a product is our distributed storage and computing power global marketplace that can be used to host the decentralized internet of the future.

The monopoly of large data center companies will end as anyone can use the unused resources from his/her PC to help “run the digital world”, on a global, decentralized computing power marketplace. This will lead in turn to a drastic decrease in costs for developers, as the vast unused resources of the world will be put to good use. For example, using our technology, AI developers will be able to access decentralized GPU processing power to train their ML models.

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