SupremeDCX – The Most User-friendly cryptocurrency exchange


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Apr 8, 2019
Dear Users!

We are glad to announce easy to use cryptocurrency exchange.

The perfect cryptocurrency exchange where newcomers and experts can trade with ease

With SupremeDCX, you can

Trade in cryptocurrency using three simple steps
Get quick KYC approval
Receive exemplary customer service

This cryptocurrency exchange aims to address the deficiencies observed in other similar exchange platforms and make it simple for the customers to deal in cryptocurrency. Here are the concepts of SupremeDCX platform.

Our primary objective is that customers should have it easy.
This exchange provides sufficient liquidity options for customers.
We ensure the safety of customer data.
Entry and Exit procedures are simple with low settlement costs
Good transaction speeds make it convenient for all

We offer maximum currency pairing options to our customers. We have plans to expand this list and make more options available in the future.

We work with the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and so on. At present, we have fiat currencies like the USD and EUR on the platform. We propose to expand this list further.

Our single-tier KYC process requires the minimum documentation thereby making it easy for new customers to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Our platform is the most transparent of all other cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

Here you can find our project's screenshots: