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Hi i am Zachary, I am working with bitcoin business since 3 years. One of the my friend suggest me to join bitcoin mining business or ask me to join bitcoin clouding mining companies. But as i have very long experience, I try most of the websites and pools. I also try genesis mining, It is great to work with it. But as you know it has large user base so facing technical support and high transaction frees issue. Even i also joined hashing 24, It is also good one but as we know that we did't know hidden fees.

In last month of 2018, I found super mining. I also check online reviews and rating before joining super mining cloud mining company. Initially i join basic plan, as most of the people starts with when they are joining new company. After checking their 1 month performance, I switch to their Tera Plan.

Trust me it gives me huge profit as compared to other cloud mining sites. No any hidden fees, Low transaction fees and main thing is that their customer support. If you are facing any issue at account level they can fix within one or two hours. Even you are mail them they must reply within 24 hours. It is my personal experience with super mining company.

Even you can compared all their plans and pricing with other cloud mining companies. You see there is large different between plans. Means you can starts bitcoin mining business with small amount of the investment. It is great sites for the new people, who want to starts bitcoin mining from home.

Super Mining Plans and Pricing

You can get 0.01 BTC by joining their basic plan.

  • Micro
    • 0.00000250 BTC/Minute
    • 0.00360 BTC/Day
    • 30 % Affiliate Bonus
  • Mega
    • 0.00002100 BTC/Minute
    • 0.03024 BTC/Day
    • 40 % Affiliate Bonus
  • Giga
    • 0.00021000 BTC/Minute
    • 0.30240 BTC/Day
    • 50 % Affiliate Bonus
  • Tera
    • 0.00126000 BTC/Minute
    • 1.8 BTC/Day
    • 100 % Affiliate Bonus
As I compared it with other bitcoin cloud mining companies. It's lowest and profit based plan. You can join bitcoin mining for free via supermining. As you know it's referral based companies. So it may rewards me little bit. Hope you get clear idea about super mining cloud mining company. It is my personal review, There may be possibilities that some people did not like it, Because you all know about bitcoin mining business and all. Hope you understand me.
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