Summer Sale on Gunbot - the automated trading bot


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Mar 20, 2019
Hello all.
I hope you're all fairing well this bear market and that you're stacking your BTC for the long-term gains.
I was a day trader for a long time, but eventually I got tired of starting at my computer monitors all day, so i I began trading with a program called Gunbot. The automated cryptocurrency bot has helped me regain my free time, as well as helped me learn trading habits that helped me survive big market shifts.

A Gunbot Standard Edition license usually cost 0.2 BTC, but it is currently on sale for 0.05 BTC, which allows for use on a single exchange.
For those of you seeking to go full bore into your automated trading, the Gunbot Ultimate Edition usually goes for 0.59 BTC, but is currently available for 0.125 BTC.
These prices are short-term due to our current summer sale, so if you're interested, do visit our website soon.

If you are interesting in learning more about Gunbot, feel free to join our Telegram support chat at :
or visit our website at :

Keep in mind that we are currently running a sale on Gunbot, where we are offering 80 % off the normal price!
This sale will remain for the next three days.
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