Suggestion for a small development proposal: BU voting tool


Staff member
Dec 16, 2015
I would like to see someone develop a small-footprint, standalone + crossplatform, completely off-line free software tool based on solid crypto libraries, that will allow anyone to generate a BU signing key for themselves, store it securely (password protected) and be able to sign and verify Bitcoin-signed messages.

Reason being I think it would be helpful for new people who want to join the BU to have an easy way of maintaining their BU signing identity on various platforms, without requiring installation of a full Bitcoin client. I would like to see lots of BU members from the general public in future, and we should make it easy for them.

Would be great if it it had mobile OS versions (apps) too.

I've previously looked for a good tool, but didn't come up with a clear match, so I'm still signing offline with Armory (whose clearsign signature format is too verbose for my liking).