SUDOKU is a web-based Bitcoin Tumbler with integration CoinJoin mechanism.


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Oct 21, 2019

is a web-based bitcoin tumbler with integration CoinJoin mechanism.

is a web-based bitcoin wallet for single-use
with mechanism integration.
You will get a private keys along with address generation,
which gives you full control over the money you deposit.
Generate a temporary wallet, mix your coins with CoinJoin,
and delete wallet to get strong anonymyty.

You can read more about CoinJoin in Bitcoin Wiki:​

Why you should use Sudoku Wallet?

-> Private Key - is Yours

-> No Database

-> No Sign Up

-> No >ogs

-> Only TOR

-> Only CoinJoin

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-> How to create a wallet?

Go to HOME page, and just press "Generate Wallet". You will receive your wallet key to access it. Save it, or write it down somewhere. If you lost it, you can't open your wallet.

-> Are my coins safe?

In SUDOKU WALLET you will control your coins by private keys from all addresses in wallet. Remember: there will always someone who want's to steas your coins. Don't send your coins to unknown addresses, that you dont trust to.

-> Can I trust SUDOKU?

Of course you're not. You must carefully check everything and make decision by yourself to use or not.

-> How to mix my coins?

You must add Bitcoins to your deposit address, wait for 3 confirmations then choose how many addresses should coins be divided. Using just 1 output address is not anonymous, so you can choose between 2,3 or 4. Then press "Mix my coins", to send coins from deposit address. Your coins will go through CoinJoin and landed on clean addresses. Then you just should grab private keys, and import in your own main wallet.

-> Where I can import private keys?

You can do it in Electrum wallet, or, or For example, can propose you to transfer coins from imported private keys to your wallet.


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Oct 21, 2019
Yes, Private key generation is done server-sided - it's great!
Yes, we do not have any Database, and therefore it cannot be stolen and made public.