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Mar 28, 2021
Today I want to talk about a project I stumbled on a Few weeks ago on.

The project aims to change the educational system by implementing cryptocurrency hours in Universities! There are 2 main objectives in it:

1. Educational Purpose - where every student will learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain and how to use them to build a better-decentralized ecosystem for the world.

2. The Business Purpose - where students and investors come aside in building projects. One of the Maine objectives of the Bussines Part is helping students pay their loans to the universities. Basically, students will be able to create Defi/Nft projects list them on the student coin exchange, therefore, getting money from the investors to pay their tuition.

The STC token will serve as a utility token and will be used as the intermediate between fiat and the crypto coins that will be listed on the exchange.

The token is already pre-listed on 4 minor exchanges ( Cointiger, Uniswap).

There will be 3 more Major exchanges coming up in May ( Coinsbit, Probit, P2PB2B) and In June/July Major European and global exchanges, I'm hoping (Binance, Coinbase)!

The ico has reached a hard cap of 21M in 58 days from the start, and finished100 Phases successfully.

Now there are 50 more phases added till 30 April, so that the ecosystem, marketing, and development will be much faster reached. If the phases won't be completed successfully the remaining coins will be burned.

Student coin now offers the possibility to download the Wallet App which can be found on AppStore and GooglePlay.

I've checked the road map and watched carefully how the project is being managed and I'm very proud of it so far, the developers are serious and prompt, any questions asked they immediately answer it!

The project has a referral system and an affiliate system where you can earn 20% ETH or 30% STC on every person you refer. If you chose to be an affiliate you are gonna earn 20% eth for every person you refer and the eth is sent directly to your wallet.

If you use my code you're gonna receive a 5% bonus on the first deposit besides the early bird bonus, but only if you buy throughout the launchpad!

I myself work as an affiliate of the program and can assure you that all the things I have written about are 100% true.

I'll leave you with a link so you can read more about this project if you are interested!

For any other questions, I'm here to answer, don't throw away this occasion to earn money!


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Student Coin Bonus Code: Ex7522j5x7

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