Stratum Proxy


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Mar 23, 2019
Stratum Proxy

Allows you to combine workers, thus reducing the load on the pool, reducing network traffic.
Also shows the real XP miners (you can check which miners lie with XP).
  • Dynamic Difference for each worker
  • Ability to change pool settings in the web panel
  • Nicehash support (when using my miner)

Works with JerryMiner.
The rest of the miners as a rule zero the starting nonce, and distribute it to all the streams (why not just go through, as I did?), But if they have Nicehash support, they will only reset the first 3 bytes.
If emu_nisehash = true, then the proxy changes the last non-byte, thus achieving compatibility with other miners (in which you can set Nicehash in the settings).

A proxy holds only one connection to the pool, because the number of workers is limited, 100 for emu_nisehash: false, and 256 for emu_nisehash: true.


UPDATED v1.2.2-beta