Stranding of Bitcoin Whales


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Jul 19, 2019
According to data, there were 1,614 non-exchange “whale” addresses that had large-value transfers in 2019, among which 48.33% of the addresses participated in only one large transfer, and only 1.55% had more than 100 large transfers. Statistics showed that both the number of large transfers and its amounts have no correlation with the currency price at different time periods, so it can be concluded that “whale” activities have no direct relationship with crypto fluctuations. Whales rarely engage in large deals? Or intentionally avoid fluctuation period? The statements seem to be inconsistent with public’s perception that giant whales manipulate currency prices. Are they averting suspicion?

Perhaps this is one reason why whale addresses rarely trade during crypto fluctuations, but the biggest reason is the fact that whale addresses are monitored due to the transparency of Bitcoin ledger and frequent transactions may lead to the disclosure of personal identity info. Moreover, because of the excessive involvement of centralized institutions, whales’ personal info has already been leaked, many Bitcoin whales are forced to “run aground”. Under such difficult situation, VDS utilizes zero-knowledge proof to conduct anonymous transactions, connect BTC with VDS in a decentralized manner through resonance trade, a one-way exchange channel of Bitcoin for Vollar, so as to help Bitcoin whales from the shoals back to the vast ocean of freedom.

Among the current cryptocurrencies with anonymous transactions, only VDS connect with Bitcoin in a decentralized way, while transaction of other coins can only be realized through centralized exchanges. However, most of the centralized exchanges require identity certificates with no anonymity at all. Through the decentralized resonance trade in VDS, anyone can convert Bitcoin into Vollar without any personal identification, and transfer Vollar to an anonymous address after the resonance transaction is completed, making it impossible to trace the money. In this way, Bitcoin whales get off the hook and able to convert their asset into any type of currency in the world through OTC, including cryptocurrency. This allows Bitcoin to achieve real freedom under complete anonymity. Bitcoin whales can use this green channel to anonymously trade with fiat currency, transfer assets or make property storage dispersed.

The use of anonymous transactions not only prevents disclosure of personal information caused by transparency of Bitcoin ledger, it also offers individuals with greater autonomy and control over their crypto assets, aka a protection for individual assets. The choice of anonymity protects personal information of both parties, making the trust mechanism easier to establish at the time of transaction. The fact that people avoid trading with Bitcoin whales because of their monitored addresses is one explanation of them being forced to “run aground”. Addresses and transaction records of both parties during anonymous transaction leave no traces, which safeguards the personal information and property security of both parties.

Most of Bitcoin whales are leaders in crypto industry with seniority and attendance in many large-scale commercial activities. Such activities inevitably include frequent large-value transactions. If someone paid attention to the records at such moments, not only is the security of assets under threat, it may also lead to the disclosure of business secrets. The importance of anonymous transaction is self-evident. VDS utilizes technology of zero-knowledge proof to carry out anonymous transaction, which came out long time ago and already took two years of practice in crypto industry. It is the most thoroughly anonymous trading among the current methods with no trace left behind, just like rivers running into the sea, not the least trace was found.

Linking Bitcoin to VDS in a completely decentralized way is the insistence of VDS on Nakamoto’s spirit. Injecting anonymity and freedom into Bitcoin and bringing it back to its original vision that everyone can enjoy privacy and security of their assets is VDS’s practice of Satoshi’s spirit. VDS allows us to re-embrace anonymity so that assets are no longer monitored and no more threat to asset security because of the records of assets’ flow, we’re finally able to take full control of the assets and achieve wealth autonomy. It is also the primary goal for all crypto participants to keep up decentralization and protect privacy.

No more surveillance for the whale, let them swim in the ocean of freedom. Let us reclaim our original intention and regain the consensus of decentralization.