State of Privacy protocols and the future?


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Aug 9, 2020
Privacy-preserving protocols are the backbone of blockchain technology, a technology that has promised secure transactions and communication. What are the Privacy-preserving protocols available to blockchain-based technology?

Some projects are still in the research phase, some of them do not even have a token yet. Some of them yet to launch their mainnet, like Concordium its a very interesting project and well researched but could not find much details about the token. Lets make a concrete list of them.

Some of the of the projects I have heard of are :

1. Monero

2. ZCash

3. Concordium

4. Komodo

5. Grin

6. Beam

7. Priate Chain

8. Horizen

9. Particle

10. Tari

11. Verge

12. Ghost

Do you know any more? Did I leave any famous projects? What do you think will happen to our privacy in the coming years?


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Sep 8, 2020
I dont"t know that will happen, things today are changing a lot. People sometimes don"t like changes, they don"t like to adapt. I was one that adapts and i started using cryptocurrencies and i took advantage of all the benefits that it gives you. I have been able to start my project, save money, i really not complaining. Take advantage of all the benefits that blockchain technology gives you and create your tokens on the MintMe platform.


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Sep 27, 2020
Sword is a blockchain design that hides the transaction graph from Blockchain Analyzers. The design is based on the realization that the block creator can be restricted to the task of ensuring no double spends while the task of actually verifying transaction balances really belongs to the receiver. The transaction can thus be encrypted in such a manner that only the receiver can decrypt and examine it.