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Jul 7, 2020
If you are wondering how to build a cryptocurrency exchange software website, this is the solution you are looking for. We provide the trading exchange for only $5,000.

Features of our cryptocurrency exchange

- Back office for users
- Admin Dashboard
- User Interface
- Matching Engine
- Futures Leverage
- Matching Engine
- Hot wallet
- Liquidity Features
- Trading bot
- Chart tools
- Order Book
- BTC, ETH, USDT, ERC20 deposit & withdrawal
- BTC, ETH, USDT, ERC20 buy and sell
- Integrated Referral Program
- Customized UI
- Added other coins
- Source code
- iOS & Android app

Technical Information about our exchange

- Admin site is programmed in Yii2 language
- MySQL is a client / server system, which is more reliable and faster than other
- The server contains the nodes: Bitcoin, Ethereum.
- Bot is developed on the .NET Core 2.2 platform.
- Exchange Backend is programmed in .NET Core.
- Security: Cloudflare, 2FA, Automatic limits for fund withdrawal, Hot wallet and Cold wallet, KYC, (DDoS)

Time Required For Development

- Depend on chosen solutions, a cryptocurrency exchange can be completed in approximately 7 days or 1-3 months.

Cost To Start A Crypto Exchange

- If you want to use the white-label exchange, you have to pay the one time fee of around 5,000 USD.
- If you want a customized crypto exchange, you have to pay a one-time fee of around 30,000 USD.

VakaFX - Crypto exchange development software solutions for all business

Being the best cryptocurrency exchange providing company, we help enterprises navigate their crypto exchange development journey with highly-secure and scalable solutions.
At the core of our exchange platform is a powerful infrastructure that drives quick and secure transactions. Beside white label exchange, we can help our clients specialize in creating a custom crypto exchange, as per your business needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to see our demo:

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- Telegram: @vakaxasupport