Stand up to reverse the Chinese and South Korean Bans!


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Oct 1, 2017
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The People's Bank of China & South Korean Financial Services Commission should reverse their bans on ICOs immediately as they are sending a global message that stifles innovation.

Regulatory bodies are there to protect investors, but in this case, such an outright and draconian ban only leaves their countries wallowing behind the rest of the world.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are the next internet, that will bring about new powerhouses like Google and Amazon. Do China and South Korea really want to stand by the side while other nations give birth to these new giants? Financial regulatory leaders cannot be so heavy handed and short sighted, as this ultimately cuts them off from what is promising to be as significant for global innovation as the internet was in the twentieth century.

Let's demand a more enlightened position. Citizens of China and South Korea deserve to play a role in the adoption of this technology that will change the world.

The OPEN Initiative stands alongside those who support mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Join us as we oppose these unjust actions, and together we can send a positive signal to other regulatory bodies that the blockchain space needs room to breath, evolve and prosper.
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