Stable earnings from 5% to 20% profit daily in ETH crypto.


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Oct 18, 2019
Hello, in this this topic will tell you about the project which offers stable daily to devidendy of the contribution in the amount of from 5% to 20% daily.

The project based on the technologies of Smart-Ethereum contract.

The beauty of the project is that the invested funds do not fall into someone's hands, the funds are credited to the smart-contract,

decentralized technology that can not be influenced, with which dividends are subsequently paid to investors.

Investors invest in the smart-contract and take the accumulated funds themselves dividends are sending 0 ETH to the smart-contract, and no one can affect this process.

Link to smart-contract:

Link to the project:

The project accepts deposits only in ETH cryptocurrency, the minimum investment amount is 0.01 eth.

You can take the accumulated profit at any time, for this you need to send 0eth to the address of the smart contract (if the wallet from which you made a contribution does not allow you to send 0eth, then send any minimum amount

that allows the service and the dividend will still come to your wallet). Profit you are paid by smart auto contract, ie a decentralized system in which no one can affect even the administration of the project

for in the smart contract is spelled out the function "Refusal of ownership" and the smart contract works autonomously. Accepts deposits from investors and pays daily profits to these depositors.

From the project you can also pick up your investment, 15 days after the Deposit. To do this, you need to send 0.0001 eth from your wallet from which you made a contribution to the address of the smart contract.

Also in the project you can earn more than 5% profit daily from the amount of your contribution if you are a major player. Ie, the greater the amount of your contribution the more daily profits you get.

By investing:

0-5 eth daily profit = 5%

5-10 eth daily profit = 7%

10-20 eth daily profit = 10%

20-50 eth daily profit = 15%

50 or more eth daily profit = 20%

And the most beautiful that after 15 days you can to withdraw from the project after taking your Deposit + devidendy.

The project was developed by one of the best specialists in the Blockchain field, the code of the smart contract has been repeatedly verified by independent auditors and the project works in accordance with the stated requirements.

If you are interested in this project, when contributing to the project, please specify in the comment my ETH wallet


Then I will receive a bonus from the smart contract 5% of the amount of your contribution.

Link to smart contract:

Link to the project:

Thank you all for your attention, have a nice day.