Stable Coin S.R.L. BTC Purchase / Sale for Fiat SWIFT, SEPA


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Jan 20, 2019
Stable Coin S.R.L. registered in the state of San Marino (Europe) and licensed by the state of San Marino to conduct activities for the purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrency. With the support of one of the leading banks in the country - Banca Agricola Commerciale and personally the Minister of Commerce, we can offer you services that will become a bridge between the crypto market and the real economy.

Buying/Selling BTC/ETH

We offer the simplest solutions for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. These solutions work in automated mode for amounts equivalent to USD 10,000 - 1,000,000, and in manual mode without an upper limit.

Opening accounts for companies

We can offer representatives of the crypto industry the opening of sub-accounts in Fiat, as well as the services of conversion and accounting. Conversion can be carried out both at the time of receipt of funds and on request. Accounting allows you to make regular and one-time payments under the contract order. One example is the collection of Fiat funds during the ICO with instant conversion to BTC then sending the funds to an escrow service, or to cover the costs of the company.

Escrow service

Stable Coin offers both Fiat and cryptocurrency escrow services simultaneously. This service is necessary for all companies that have an ICO and issue Utility Tokens. In order not to fall foul of the Howey Test, under the item 'shared risks', and not to have subsequent problems with the SEC, or at least with the listing of your token on the exchange, the use of escrow is absolutely essential.

The convenience of using a single service for both crypto and Fiat escros solves the most important issue - the question of converting the collected funds into one type of currency corresponding to the economy of the project development costs, which will completely eliminate the risk of volatility for the entire period of the ICO.

The opening of a possibility of collecting funds in Fiat, through direct Bank transfer, increases the fees during the ICO by an order of magnitude.

Also, if necessary, we can provide not only a bank account, but also an office with an address and a secretary in Europe, which you can use to organize meetings with potential investors. Due to its convenient geographical location (Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, France), it can really become a good additional tool for sales.

Create your own coins:

We offer our customers the release of their own coin on Ethereum EC 20/EC 223. In addition, we are ready to oversee the process of daily issuing and burning of coins run smoothly, as well as to provide regular external audits of the balance of funds in the accounts, which are provided by the issue. If necessary, we can also set up a listing on cryptocurrency exchanges or develop separate web/mobile payment interfaces.

This solution will allow you to become the owner of your own non-volatile (stable) coin, which will allow you to implement a secure and convenient cryptocurrency payment system with physical security of the issue. A wide range of applications of this solution may be of interest to both large e-commerce platforms and the mints of independent states.

For communication:

Telegram: @DenKhvesh