Sportspodium busy with pre sale to focused groups. What is SportsPodium


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SportsPodium is a blockchain-based, incentivised information ledger for sportspeople and sporting communities. Through the SportsPodium platform and network, everyday sportspeople of all ages, across all levels of proficiency, will receive crypto-based rewards for tracking their day-to-day sporting and training activities, submitting this information electronically, and building a digital storyboard of their sporting life.

Sports participants are driven by their competitive nature, both intrinsically and extrinsically. The SportsPodium platform will both enhance and capitalise on this, by adding an additional level of gamification to their experience. In so doing, the platform will also create both a captive advertising audience and a captive, ultra-relevant retail marketplace, while simultaneously adding real benefit to the lives of our users as well as their sporting codes and associations.

All of this, whilst building and adding to the capital value of a truly unique cryptocurrency marketplace. One with a bona fide, legitimate unique selling proposition, built around one of humanity’s most unifying and common social activities – sport. And, in turn, it’s numerous, associated multi-billion-dollar industries.

This exponentially increasing, captured, engaged, rewarded audience (and subsequent marketplace) will expand our share of the sought-after “Attention Economy” while – more importantly – enabling data capturing of extremely granular, highly specific information, for hyper-targeted advertisements to these individuals and the people and organisations in their sporting ecosystems, both social and institutional.

To kick start initial user adoption, SportsPodium will build a network of celebrity Ambassadors across several sporting disciplines, as well as an associated spider web of their Friends (associated influencers) in each region. This network of recognized, household names, across various sporting codes, along with continued marketing, promotion and community interaction, will ensure large-scale user adoption of the platform.

Through the elegant convergence of cryptocurrency technology, social interaction UI/UX, and mass, real-world human activity, we will revolutionize all three to their benefit, while creating massive revenue in the process.

The SportsPodium target-user audience includes everyday sportspeople of all ages – from the purely recreational amateur, through to the top-flight pro. The goal is to ultimately ensure that every household with sports participants earns and spends some of our tokens (known as “PODs”) thereby enabling a widespread and diverse POD economy tapping into significant portions of the Global Sports Industry.