SovranoCoin SVR POS/Maternode project for Legal Luxury goods Adoption


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May 7, 2020
Sovranocoin SVR is an open source (peer to peer) cryptocurrency, code fork from PIVX one of the most notable implements of Zerocoin protocol. Sovranocoin is decentralized project focused on privacy, anonymity and world wide usability. SVR is based on software technology for making anonymous cryptocurrency transactions in a decentralized blockchain setting. Anonymity is succeeded by making the connection between the sender and receiver as obscure as possible by mixing large amounts of transactions. Even though the blockchain is still open ledger, it becomes extremely difficult to make the connection between parties. This brings the privacy of cash payment to online transaction and saves the customer from numerous risks of exposing data, including financial service providers selling it.
The second benefit of SVR is zero-proof transactions which enable instant transactions via masternodes. Compared to simpler solutions like Bitcoin or Litecoin, this is a significant improvement for adoption. Sovranocoin is just out of initial development phase and getting its first use cases. According to the roadmap and whitepaper, the project is focused on jewelry retailers.




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