Soft Launch of PumpMycoin Community


New Member
Sep 25, 2016
Dear Members,

Unlike the other pump and dump scam groups, on pumpmycoin we will do everything in our power to PUMP AND NEVER DUMP!

So how does this work ?

On pumpmycoin our team will pick 50 of the most promising altcoins during the last week.
and then Our community members will start to vote on these 50 altcoins for at least 3days.
Our team will announce the 5 most voted for altcoins.
Our team will pick one of these 5 most voted for altcoins and start pumping it within 24 hours, so don’t take your eyes of the market!.
As soon as the pump starts, we will announce it on our website, and we will also give you an estimate, of when the pump will end.
In order to push the coin and maintain its uptrend, we need to get some volume.
That’s why we need your contribution of minimum 0.002 BTC, that we charge with every vote you do.
All of the contributions will be used to boost the chosen coin.
During the voting you will be able to see the total contributed amount of BTC by all community members.

Join us now for free, while we are still building our community, to get the greatest chance of profiting from the altcoins trading market.
Register now on pumpmycoin

Feel Free to ask if you have any questions

Thank you.


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Aug 19, 2015
Do you ask your members to sign in blood that they're not going to dump or just pinky swear?