SKYFchain - The new operating platform for cargo robotics industry.


Mar 14, 2018

We all know about robots in logitics or robots in warehouse. In the warehouse, robots help pickup, arrange items, or assemble machines with arms, called Industrial robot arms. So far, technology developers think about the bigger assistance, they place a question: what if people need a thing that can walk on the ground, boat in the sea, fly in the sky and specially cary loads of goods. It is exactly how the future happens. Cargo robotics industry’s goal is that people are the owners. They hold technology and watch robots working. SKYFchain is such a helpful thing makes it true. Dramatically development of The robotics market serving logistics and transportation companies (Amazon is well-kown for automatic system companies) is evidence for Emerging technology trend. Un-manned cargo robots in the air, on the ground and at the sea can dramatically reduce cost of logistics worldwide and increase efficiency for industrial users and customers

SKYFchain is the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) Blockchain based operating platform

SKYFchain with the drones working on the ground, in the sky and in the sea. They can manage any requests from an order. Developers estimate what they would do from the order to save fuel, how strong they are to carry massive packs, how long it takes to be shortest. All is less than the present fact.
The exclusivity of servicing operations of SKYF drone-the world’s first heavy and industrial grade cargo drone. It is a new drone vehicle with a hybrid gasoline-fueled engine that outperforms existing drone solutions. It is capable of vertical take-off and landing, and has an ultra-high useful load of up to 400 kg/880lband an exceptional flying range of up to 350km/220 miles.

They say that such trucks will be more efficient because they would not waste fuel by accelerating and braking as frequently as trucks driven manually by a human driver. Thus, increasing safety and less stress for drivers during long-haul monotonous drives are also included. In the not too far distant future that’s not a joke. Many big oil and gas companies (NGK Slavneft, PAO SIBUR Holding) and agriculture industry (Syngenta AG, Avgust Crop Protection, Rusagro Group, Prodimex) have given optimictis signs to the deal. They are willing to bring the SKYF drone into the system. In short, switching from helicopters to cargo drones can result 5 to 10 times less cost. Which shows that the brains have thought about more effective helpers that can even be the alternative labor to unveil the new face of giants world wide.

SKYF drones The OU-registered service in Estonia has one of the most favorable regulations in the world to stop related companies and their partners from appearing in many parts of the world.

To research more about the project, you can refer directly to their website  or other communication channels attached below.

The SKYFchain team:
The development team of SKYFchain with years of experience in the field, will be the solid foundation to support the project.

Selling and allocating tokens:
With the amount of token code to equivalent to 2 million in 5 days from period presale a good choice of the first investment for the project.

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Dec 17, 2017
Personally, i don't like drones working anywhere. They are the perfect tool to invade someone's privacy. But the robotics technology is the future of industial workforce. I hope many people will look into this platform, What do you guys think?