sidebar video kills reading


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Dec 31, 2015
Several days ago, the usability of this forum took a drastic dive for me. Every time the AdChoices video in the sidebar restarts, the entire page scrolls to place that video near the top of my screen. It wouldn't be so bad, except this video demands to be a fixed distance from the page header stuff.

The net result is that several times a minute, whatever I ma reading scrolls off my screen, to be replaced with the top of the virtual page. Even that would not be so bad, except manual scrolling back to where I was reading is inhibited several seconds further.

Chrome on OS X.


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Aug 19, 2015
That shouldn't be happening. You get served the same sidebar ad when you visit the forum?

Edit: This is now happening to me also, Chrome 57 in Windows. Might be a poorly coded ad. Is it the video commercial from the American Beverages Association?
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