Shouldn't Bitcoin unlimited be configured with growth percentages instead of fixed values?


Aug 19, 2015
I'm a tiny bit out of the loop (been more at reddit than here), so maybe I'm saying weird things.

As I understand it with BU normal nodes from users would configure the software to pretty much accept any blocksize. But you still need to configure it?

And the economic dependent nodes would configure their block-sizes to make sure there is some "pain" by causing delayed confirmations when blocks get too big. But they should also make it publicly known what they accept.

And miners just need to consider the cost/benefit/risks of creating bigger/smaller blocks. And choose soft limits, and orphan limits.

But wouldn't people want to fire and forget their settings? Don't we need good defaults which at least stay compatible with BIP101 for instance.

Maybe its already possible, but we should be able to configure growth percentages (fixed curve or relative to past average blocksize). Don't you think?


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Aug 19, 2015
I think BUIP002 has the proposal of providing in the GUI menu the option of different BIPs. It is currently being discussed and not yet open for voting. Personally, I'm undecided on it. It might be useful for the situations of just set it and forget it, but the chain depth setting can serve the same purpose. Moreover it is probably too complex to code and dev time is limited, but I wouldn't mind really, I think. Let people choose I guess.