SaveTheChildrenDAO air-drops its genesis NFT to community donors

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Apr 19, 2022
Dear users:

On April 16, SaveTheChildrenDAO distributed the first batch of “CHILDREN NFT” airdrops to community donors to thank their support for children philanthropy.This NFT airdrop activity covered 514 donors' wallet addresses. The snapshot time was 12:00 pm, April 15 (PST). The specific distribution rules are as follows:

Amount of contributionAmount of airdrop
Less than 1BNB1 NFT
5-10BNB5 NFT
≥10BNB10 NFT

“CHILDREN NFT” is a limited genesis NFT launched by SaveTheChildrenDAO. It is aimed at giving each donor an opportunity to obtain NFT assets while they are engaged in charity work. Inspired by the current spiritual status of children globally, “CHILDREN NFT” depicts a positive expectation of the human society.

“CHILDREN NFT” is now unavailable to the public. It is only available to the donors of SaveTheChildrenDAO worldwide. SaveTheChildrenDAO is a distributed organization focusing on children’s survival, health, and development. It is using the power of decentralized network and the collective wisdom of people to help disadvantaged children around the world. SaveTheChildrenDAO adopts a decentralized community autonomy mode. It is co-governed by the community members. Various resources, such as “CHILDREN NFT”, are fairly distributed according to the contribution degree of each member.

SaveTheChildrenDAO advocates value-oriented philanthropy, and is trying to combine philanthropy with cryptocurrency investment, so that love can be repaid by money. Our community is very open, without nationality or geographical location restrictions. Anyone can easily become a member of SaveTheChildrenDAO to get engaged in children philanthropy.

SaveTheChildrenDAO believes that all the gives should be paid back. A second batch of "CHILDREN NFT" airdrops will come soon! If you want to contribute your share to children philanthropy or if you are interested in CHILDREN NFT, please learn more details about SaveTheChildrenDAO and become a community collaborator through you for your attention!


April 18, 2022​