Satoshi's Vision tickets on


New Member
Feb 9, 2018

I had some discussions on the Bitcoin Cash Slack regarding 0-conf and that it's too bad that tickets to Satoshi's Vision don't utilize the 0-conf functionality that we love so much. Tried finding you guys over there and finding your dedicated slack with no luck so I'm trying it here.

It would be great to buy tickets, and instantly get them. Waiting for a confirmation (even if it's 1) is not really user friendly and these ticket's are cheap enough to be safe, in my opinion.

I understand that you are using some payment processor that doesn't allow 0-conf, which is ridiculous to be honest, and I would like to offer to sell the tickets through if it's possible. You can keep selling them through the designated conference website of course, if people want the true Bitcoin Cash spending experience, they can buy tickets with 0-conf on

To be clear, I am not looking for a cut, just want to utilize everything Bitcoin Cash has to offer.