[Request] Could someone write an ELI5 for setting up a BU node?


Sep 8, 2015
United States
I've never run a full node, full time, outside of my Armory client.

BU has motivated me to start, since it is finally the proposal that I've wanted to support for years.

Is buying a 21inc computer and installing BU a possibility as well? Maybe include "the top 3 ways" to run a node.

I think a lot of node newcomers but longtime supporters who identify with the principles of BU would love a guide.
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Abid Omar

New Member
Dec 28, 2015
Indeed. There is a lack of Technical information for getting started in Bitcoin. The bitcoin unlimited website is also lacking in aesthetic and content.

We need to fix these issues if we want the community to takes us seriously and also if we want outsiders to get started quickly.
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