Request: BIP32-compliant SPV clients for BCH chain


Sep 8, 2015
United States
I have been recommending many of my lay crypto friends to move their coins from Coinbase to breadwallet, as this is the easiest foolproof way to control your keys.

However, it looks like breadwallet is not going to be helpful in supporting BCH early on like some other wallets.

Are there any wallets that can restore from breadwallets 12-word BIP32 recovery phrase being developed? I believe this is not a negligible market share. I cannot find any in my research.
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Aug 28, 2015
I've had very bad experience with breadwallet, I recommended it as it seems to have great reviews.

but when i tried it I had the folowing problems, - they all made for a very bad first time Bitcoin experiences in a demo.

1) it took hours to sync on my android.
2) when sending coins I can not "spend all" or (send max) so there is always something left in the wallet.
3) there is no fee optimization or ability to set it manually, or see what the fee is
4) you can't set to display balance in BTC.
4) my breadwallet was deleted from the phone when I change my phone unlock method.
(this happened in android snd I lost $5 in BTC - so back up the 12 word seed)
5) in my tests the bread wallet 12 word seed is not compatible with any of the other wallets I tested.
Bitpay, Jaxx and mycelium use the same 12 word seed.
going from mycelium to electrum gives me assess to private keys
going from mycelium to Jaxx wallet gave me assess to my private keys.
going from Bitpay wallet to Jaxx wallet gives me assess to my private keys
(not all use the same method to generate additional wallets so you need
to be creative (Jaxx doesn't support multiple HD wallets.)

as much as I dislike what is happening with Mycellium development team, it struck me as the most dependable wallet, followed by the Bitpay Wallet. - the fact I can access all my private mycelium keys from the electrim wallet and I presume the new Cash variant i would advise people use electrum or mycelium, even Jaxx, (Jaxx being a little odd in it didn't handle change in a way i expected (it vanished to a key not present in the other HD seeded wallets) so I'm not 100% sold on Jaxx as a wallet to recommend although it has all the features you would want and need for the upcoming fork.