is a scam website


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Feb 8, 2018
Here i will reveal how earn lots of dollars using their scamming techniques. And i will let you know how they earn in trading without investment in localbitcoins. Localbitcoins? YES! Thats correct. They hold bitcoins in your account in their remitano system, they will ask you many crap of fucking verification, they will reject it several times but your bitcoins is traded in several platform like localbitcoins. Maybe its unbelievable but in this blog i will reveal and let you know what other users like me are experiencing. Before i explain my side about how my 1.64 bitcoin gone in my account by clicking the link from their customer support named OBI i will first show you the other users negative feedback agains Below are some of the links i gathered out there to show you im not the only one.

and more!!!! I am calling your attention, if experienced the same kindly message below. In advance rules of this blog anyone who support remitano service will be deleted. You know why? because its unfair to us that only positive feedback is posted to their website, now its the time to advertise a campaign of negative feedbck to protect fellow traders in a future big scam. If you want to help this campaign you can email me at and i can pay 0.5-1 usd per advertisement post or depend on the content. I can pay in advance using paypal.

My fellow traders arround the world that uses REMITANO or website, please stop using their service immediately! REMITANO EARN MULTI MILLION DOLLAR IN THEIR SCAMMING TECHNIQUE. I lost 1.64 Bitcoin in their system. And i want this hard earn money return in my account. Or else i will not stop this campaign to tell the world about their scam techniques. You are free to help me on this campaign. Scenario of their scam technique!
Brief and summary explanation:
They emailed all users to download and click the link of the said apps, and tempted every one to execute the process. According to the email they will give REWARD for installing and if someone will followup the reward, they will send another email that their employee did the said activity without their concern and strictly advice everyone not to download it. But the advisory is late, many users already downloaded and installed it. The result - my account hacked. My bitcoin 1.64 gone!!! And now they percist it is not their activity but the bad intention of their employee named OBI. I am calling all users that experienced the same to help me this campaign to be distributed worldwide.

For your support to expand this campaign in social media,adwords and other advertising website you may send your message to me via email If need extra income i can pay per post, every link you created i will pay 0.5 US DOLLAR. We are pretty sure remitano will defend to maintain their service but we need to do something to warn people.


Nov 26, 2017
Unfortunately, there are a lot of different websites and resources that are just waiting to scam some user or an investor. That's why you need to be very careful about them.


Jan 20, 2018
The most important thing is if a person comes across some resource that looks like a scam or he knows this for sure, tell this to others.