Real-World Use-Case for MobilityGuru


New Member
Aug 14, 2020
To give some perspective as to how all of this works, we will be taking a look at it from the perspective of someone who just wants to browse the platform and make a purchase for a product, that they will inevitably be found the MobilityGuru platform. The same can be applied however to a service or anything else here....really.

When a buyer ends up needing a product that relates to disability or etc... buyer visits the MobilityGuru platform, they will be greeted by our specialised platform that shows them exactly what they need to see. The buyer even has the ability to search for the available products or services that fit their specific needs and requirements. When the buyer ends up finding what they need and contact the seller, they can check the availability and even ask further questions regarding the listing. The seller can give a positive or negative update at any time for the product and if it is available or unavailable at the time of the request. When the product is unavailable however MobilityGuru will completely remove it from the platform.

If we take into consideration a case scenario where the feedback is positive, the buyer and seller can negotiate on the best price for the product where the buyer can select their preferred payment option and offer the equivalent and agreed number of tokens to the seller’s wallet.

When both parties elect to use the platform’s payment method, it will be managed to benefit both parties in a transparent way. However, the payment itself will not be finalised until both of the parties end up confirming that the transaction is indeed successful. After this occurs, the seller can send the product to the buyer, and the buyer will confirm that the product matches the expectations as per the discussion.

Once the buyer confirms the order on the platform, the payment gets released to the seller and the transaction is then finalised. However, you always have rare occasions when the product isn’t quite as advertised and the buyer can offer to return the product. The product is then returned to the seller and the seller confirms the receipt of the product, then the money is sent back to the buyer’s wallet and the transaction is finalised. If the buyer fails to return the products within a given time frame the seller can keep the funds. There’s always the opportunity for buyers and sellers to offer ratings based on the level of the experience.

Alongside all of this, you have a flexible payment system, protection of data, MobilityGuru user support, a rating system, an interactive platform and a community-friendly service.

The strengths of MobilityGuru are in the fact that it is the first marketplace for this industry and has excellent knowledge of the industry in question. The team behind it also has management experience as well as the technical capability of making it happen. When it comes to the weaknesses, it is an unknown brand without a mobile app, no backup server and no revenue features at this time. In terms of the opportunities available it’s immense, there is no marketplace currently available for this sector on a global scale we can expand to be a global market. The export of used items to non-government assisted countries is also gigantic and the use of the online purchasing is expanding exponentially currently. The threats it has are potential competitors and data security, however anything can be resolved with enough time and commitment.

Let’s look to towards the global potential of happy and independent people transacting $1.1 Trillion annually.