real profit with "IP-Sheldon"


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Sep 28, 2019
Hi, I remember the first time I invested in 300 pieces of miners that I bought in China. I went for them myself, believing in the calculations and assurances of 'advisers. Miners did not bring me the expected results.

My friends come from the IT industry, they created a program that I became the sole distributor. Bitcoin investment program, "IP-Sheldon", replaced my 300 miners.

The program gave me, as a lonely mother, the opportunity to stand on my feet, change my life for the better. I practiced as a psychologist and business coach, every hour of work was valuable, and I had too little free time for my child, which meant that my private life was increasingly pushed aside.

I currently feel a specialist in investment in BTC, from a portfolio of satisfied customers.

I will present on the example:

A customer who has paid into the program 7.5 million, earns about 90 thousand a day, another who has paid 100 thousand, earns about 23 thousand in a month, and a client with an investment in the amount of 10 thousand, receives about 2.5 thousand a month. Profit is guaranteed because the program is based on the differences in BTC prices on the exchanges. By scanning them, it creates profit.

Is anyone here earning BTC on the same way?