Real Anonymous Coins Are Free from Restrictions


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Jul 19, 2019
Since the second half of 2019, numerous anonymous coins were delisted by crypto exchanges and prices have plummeted. Zcash once drop by more than 50%. The reason why anonymous coins are removed from the shelves is that financial offences such as money laundering cannot be prevented since it is difficult to trace specific transaction records. These anonymous coins have reached the current state of decline, mainly because they have single function of trading and most of their transactions rely on centralized exchanges. Once trading is restricted, anonymous coins are bound to be hampered by centralized institutions.

Real anonymous coins should be free disoriented from centralized exchanges. Anonymous coins are born to protect privacy. However, most of the registration and transactions of exchanges require verification of personal identity info, which are contradictory in nature. VDS, on the other hand, gets rid of the current predicament of anonymous coins. In addition to a variety of application scenarios, VDS also comes with a decentralized OTC function to break away from the centralized limitations and truly realizes decentralization.

VDS adopts zero-knowledge proof to make anonymous transactions, it is the most complete and thorough way to remain anonymous without leaving any records. Moreover, there’re plenty of application scenarios for Vollar, the only circulating medium in VDS, such as running smart contracts, creating VID-the unique identification in VDS ecology, building super master nodes, etc., so that Vollar could effectively play its role in circulating.

The biggest difference from other anonymous coins is that VDS has its own decentralized OTC function that free from the limitations of centralized exchanges. VDS’s OTC function is implemented on a distributed anonymous network composed of super master nodes with hidden IPs. Super master nodes are only responsible for data operation and information transmission, not storing data. Each piece of information will be broken into fragments and each fragment is encrypted in different method and transmitted through various nodes. It only cost a certain amount of Vollar to create a VID, no personal identifiable information is required. The entire network is designed to be completely decentralized and anonymous to eliminate the obstacles from centralized exchanges such as institution intervention and restrictions on docking legal notes for its on-built OTC function. You can trade Vollar freely in OTC for any fiat currency, security, or even other cryptocurrency, making global currencies easily convertible. VDS’s design of high-level freedom has brought upon a large, distributed and anonymous OTC market.

Apart from the OTC function, VDS’s anonymous network also enables us to have secret chat. The distributed “fragmented information transmission” guarantees privacy and makes it impossible for any third party to obtain chatting content, so that everyone is blessed with real freedom in speech. Here you don’t have to worry about your sentences being monitored by the relevant departments. In this network, everyone is equal, feel free to express your thoughts and ideas.

VDS also carries out the development of smart contracts. A lot more people now have access to present creativity, thus bringing more possibilities for the development of Vollar’s application scenarios, adding scalability to the VDS ecosystem as well as limitless potential. VDS makes full use of the advantages of decentralized system, and offers us a free, private and fair ecology, which is also the original intention of blockchain and anonymous coins. To protect privacy is to protect freedom. In the ecosystem of VDS, everyone’s privacy is well-protected, your asset privacy, chatting privacy, personal information privacy, etc. are all taken care of. In this way, we can truly achieve freedom of wealth, freedom of speech, and even freedom of thought.
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