[RATING] ICOstock24 - A composite index for ICO market


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May 14, 2018
Hello everyone!

We would like to present you our ICO rating and listing resource - ICOstock24

We take marks from 6 ICO rating agencies and present them for you to compare as well as give our own summary mark. Thus we are bringing transparency to the crypto market and making the data on ICO projects more accessible.

ICOstock24 main features:

1. A list of more than 1000 ICO projects.
2. 7 ICO marks for you to compare.
3. List of 40 industrires that different ICOs specialize in.
4. Section with news and section with analytics for you to read the latest crypto news and get info on trending events as well as to study our market analysis with ICO reviews and reports.

We are expanding our ICO database and updating the info every day.

Check out our ICO list, filter the projects by rating and find the best ICO to invest!

Your are also welcome to join our telegram channel: https://t.me/icostock24 to get updates on important crypto news and events.
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