RandomsatoshiMiner - Software/Web/Publisher Mining! - 130 sat/1m hashes - NO Withdraw Minimum/fee!


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Apr 28, 2018
[size=20pt]Randomsatoshi.win Miner User friendly Crypto mining [/size]

NOTE: Reccomended for both new and experienced miners!

Randomsatoshi is proud to announce their new And optimized Mining Services!
We are offering the most Beginner friendly Software, Web and Publisher Mining out there!
Not only do we Maintain Attractive rates And Stable uptime - We also Offer 0% Fee Withdrawals by utilizing the Micro payment processor Faucethub! [/size]

[size=14pt]Pros of using Randomsatoshi.win:

Attractive hashrate - 130 satoshi per 1m hashes!
No withdraw limit - Payouts as low as 1 Satoshi!
Payouts are automatically paid out every hour!

[size=14pt]Basic info:

Here are some quick stats and info about each segment!

Our Mining Services include:
NEW! Web-mining - Set up within seconds - CPU Only
HOT! Software mining - AMD - NVIDIA - INTEL Supported - Setup within minutes
NEW! Publisher mining - Monetize your visitors - set your own rate!


Global: (Apply to Web, Software And Publisher mining)

- Withdraw Limit of 1 Satoshi (Arround 7.000 Hashes)
- Automatic Withdraw every hour!
- Informative User-Panel
- Refferal System: 12% commissions Lifetime! (comissions will be added to hash-balance)
- Current Payout Rate: 130~ Satoshi (0.000000130 btc) per 1 Million hashes


Easy to operate design
Fully controlable Usage
Can be run in the background (just switch tabs and forget about it for a while)


Auto-generated code
Easily control and configure threads and throttle
Hidden and anti-miner blocking! undetected by adblock!


(Currently xmrSTAK based)
Fully Monetize CPUs and GPUs (Amd, Nvidia)
Config Created on First run
Configure each type of hardware individually,
Multi-GPU Ready[/size]


Note: we currently have a promotion running! post a picture of your payout from our miner in the coments and recieve a small bonus!

Any Questions? the comment Sections is yours! please dont hesitate to write suggestions, feedback, criticism and anything else you may think about!