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Sep 7, 2015
First of all, this forum is sweet! Renders nice on mobile, looks very clean, saves drafts, just all around awesome!

My only complaint so far is when I want to quote the last post in a thread and I can't. I realize this is because most of the time a discussion flows in a linear manner but this is not always the case, and I'm in the habit of always quoting whoever I respond to because IMO it helps readability and coherence. If you pick apart a post or respond to many different posts at once, it's nice to be able to have it all there. It's also advantageous to be able to capture a post before it changes.

I haven't tried to do it manually, so I guess that might be an option.

Is it possible to make it so we can quote the last reply in a thread?
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Aug 19, 2015
Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, quoting the last post (and overquoting generally) is discouraged for several technical and non-technical reasons, so we have a plugin in place that prevents that. I believe someone (@Justus Ranvier?) may have discovered a hack that allows to quote someone manually even with the plugin enabled.

I agree inline quoting is a good way to address someone point-by-point, but probably less than 5% of users use it for that purpose. The majority use the quote and reply functions interchangeably, which on other forums that shall remain nameless results in something like this:

So feel free to quote manually as the need arises, as long as you keep your audience's sanity in mind.
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