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Aug 28, 2015
Normally when a bitcoin transaction occurs the network reveals the public key associated with the originating bitcoin address. (I.e. moving btc from address A to address B reveals the public key for address A.) As mentioned previously by the TheZerg this can be useful as the public key if unknown can be used as an encryption key which is revealed only when funds have moved..

Let us say that hypothetically 10 parties supply public keys (securely) which are then combined to form an m-of-n multi signature script and multi signature bitcoin address.

Is this true for a multi signature transaction? How do i calculate a public key for a multisignature bitcoin address? :)

EDIT: found the solution..


It seems that the individual public keys which make up the multi sig address are revealed during the spending of a P2SH transaction and not before. Prior to this only a redeem script hash is visible, crucially not the individual public keys. Interestingly the multi signature address is simply a double hashed redeem script converted to base 58..

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