QUEBEX FINTECH Inc. Launches the first Canadian P2P Bitcoin Exchange


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Feb 22, 2017
QUEBEX FINTECH Inc. has just launched the first Canadian P2P Bitcoin Exchange at www.Quebex.com.

Canadians now have a safer way to buy and sell bitcoins.

Unlike other P2P Bitcoin exchanges, users who register with Quebex face a rigorous vetting process with many layers of security checks to help weed out bad actors.

Since implementing our current verification policy in late 2016, Quebex has seen hundreds of trades without a single instance of fraud.

Quebex is also a federally registered Money Service Business with FINTRAC.

Our registration with FINTRAC should reassure clients that we take exhaustive precautions to ensure that the Bitcoins you buy come from legitimate sources.

By adhering to these standards and proactively monitoring transactions, Quebex is making Bitcoin trading safer for everyone who uses its services.

A P2P exchange is marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins directly to and from each other. The site allows users to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins.

Bitcoin prices and fees on www.Quebex.com have traditionally been much lower than on competing sites.

Accepted payment methods include:
Interac™ Online, Interac™ Email Money Transfers, Cash, Wire Tranfers, Bank Deposits and PayPal. More payment options are coming soon.



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Feb 22, 2017
www.Quebex.com has seen a surge in users looking to purchase bitcoins for mining contracts, and we’ve done some investigation into whether our users’ claims they can make a steady 7% monthly return on investment add up. Sadly, we can’t find a realistic scenario where mining contracts will be more profitable than holding on to your bitcoins.

We’ve written a blog about it https://quebex.com/blog.php?entry=is-bitcoin-mining-profitable detailing some of the different ways a contract could pay out over time given different growth rates for bitcoin price and difficulty.

Please see our Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator here: https://quebex.com/calculator.php

Realistically, we don’t think the network hash rate will stagnate and fees greatly increase, while bitcoin maintains most of its momentum. It’s a lovely future to hope for when you’re a bitcoin late comer hoping to cash in on some of the unparalleled ROI early adopters saw, but looking forward a couple years we can’t imagine $27,000 or higher prices for bitcoin.

Although we don’t offer investment advice, we are going to advise our clients to read the blog before investing—even if it means less bitcoin volume on our trading platform.

David Bruno
www.Quebex.com CEO
Candian Bitcoin Exchange


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Aug 19, 2015
Merged with previous thread. Please do not crazy in over-promoting your business here. That is not the purpose of this forum.