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Jun 22, 2018
Hello world and community!

With the cryptocurrency boom, the trading world has turned upside down. Nowadays, you see numerous expert traders and channels with signals that "prompt" positions and stop-losses, but how much money did you lose while you were following them? Trading, and especially cryptotrading — is a sea consisting of whales, sharks and plankton. And who are YOU in this sea?

Trying to answer this question myself, I began to study the API-capabilities of cryptocurrency exchanges. I understood that the trades are continuous, according to the model 24/7/365. At the same time, strong impulse movements can last either 5 minutes or several days. So, to catch the momentum, to properly evaluate it and "get in the right direction " — this is the panacea, which all traders are looking for.

That was the time, when we, enthusiasts and cryptoanalysts, created a service which we called Qryptop (Qryptop.com). This is SaaS-tracker, which tracks the changes in the cryptocurrency pairs on exchanges. Volumes, prices, movements in the glass orders. After collecting this information, more interestingly, the tracker predict the force of the emerging momentum and notify you when the pair becomes interesting! Of course, the service will not make trading decisions (yet) for you and will not earn you a Lamborghini (yet
, but it will show you where your attention is required in order to gain profit.

Gradually modifying the plate, increasing the efficiency of the forecast, I noticed that I resort less and less to technical and fundamental analysis, increasingly relying on the testimony of the system. The percentage of successful trading solutions has increased significantly, reaching 85% in certain months! But that wasn't enough. After all, to make money on the system, you need to be online when the right impulse is born, taking the right position.

Thats where we start with own trading robot. We began to study the possibilities of "machine trading". We already had logical patterns of decision-making system, it was necessary to teach the system to act independently and make decisions that are correct in at least 55% of cases (for a long-term project, this is enough), based only on the digital data captured by the Qryptop. I'm currently studying AI modeling and the possibility of ML-forecasting. Gradually moving towards creating a trading robot, I came here to invite all readers to become part of this project and help in its implementation.

We already have a positive feedback from testers, 7 months of positive trading balance history and ambitious plans. We welcome everyone interested and just casual readers to test the service and become part of a comprehensive emerging service for crypto traders and in the future everyone who somehow earns on their right decisions.

Now, attention, commercials. As an entrepreneur, I understand that no project can develop without a community. As a bonus to all interested parties, I provide a personal invite codes for 360 hours of use of the table. We launched a forum-platform on our site, where you can leave suggestions and feedback, as well as participate in the service’s development. In addition, for those who can not understand how the service works, we plan on starting with live examples on social networks which show how we use it. Again, the more we are, the faster and more efficient will be able to get a product ready to make a profit for each user.

We have ambitious plans for the development of the project, from capper-platform and up to a customizable AI-trading robot. But the project cannot be developed without a community. The more competent this community is, the better the final product will be.

We invite everyone to test the service and become part of a comprehensive emerging service for crypto traders.

A full manual on the use of the service you can find here: http://telegra.ph/Qryptop-manual-06-21

If you have any questions you can write us on our Telegram chat (RU/EN): https://t.me/joinchat/BnO6ik5ODpq7nE_t6glWAQ

Thank you all for your attention, and may the force of big green candle be with you!